Washington Park

Welcome to the Greater Mankato on the Move Mobile History Tour featuring Washington Neighborhood

The Washington Park neighborhood clusters along the long, wide central park space vacated by the railroad. Tourtellote Parkway found along 4th Street from Spring to Mulberry Streets and Madison Avenue to Elm Street was formerly the railroad switching yard.


Washington Park Neighborhood was built as a working-class neighborhood occupied by laborers, shop employees and tradespeople. The proximity of the neighborhood to the central commercial and industrial core (today’s more commonly known as Old Town) meant many of these people could easily get to work. Most of the early residents in this neighborhood were German, Irish, Scandinavian, and Lebanese many being immigrant families. They built their houses in the popular style for the time, Victorian, but in a more modest way than those of the more wealthy neighborhoods like the Lincoln Park Neighborhood. They built on a smaller scale and used embellishments that were mass-produced and ordered by catalogues rather than custom made.


Early education, religion and medicine all have strong ties to this neighborhood. The first school in Mankato was built in this area in 1853 with the first church services held in 1854. Two church-operated schools, St. Peter and Paul’s Catholic Church (1865) and Immanuel Lutheran Church (1883), as well as one public school Union School (1855) can be found within a short distance of one another. 


This central location also became home to two hospitals. St. Joseph’s Hospital built in 1899 by the Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother was located on Washington between 5th and 6th Streets (today location of apartment building). In 1906 Immanuel Hospital was built on the corner of Washington and 4th Streets, formerly the location of the Omaha Railroad roundhouse and turntable. It operated at this location until it consolidated with St. Joseph’s Hospital on the hilltop in the 1968. The 1906 building was demolished in 1980 making way for a new seven story building to be used as a senior housing complex. 

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