105 Sunrise Serenade

Stop 5, Sunrise Serenade by Lee Leuning & Sherri Treeby from South Dakota

Sponsor(s): SEH

Leuning and Treeby reserve a portion of their time away from commissioned artwork to produce two original bronze sculptures of a Norman Rockwell-type realism to enter community yearlong sculpture walk venues. They excel in humorous and insightful sculptures, which have a hidden story that viewers feel good about themselves when they figure it out. Their ability to connect with the common man and make viewing sculptures a fun experience has led to their winning a Sioux Falls Sculpture Walk Award or purchase award for each of the tour's 17 years.

This duo has been exhibiting with the City Art Walking Sculpture Tour since its inception, and three of their sculptures have been chosen for People’s Choice: “Saturday Distractions,” “Maestro” and “Stand for the Flag.” Their sculpture, “We Can Do It!’ was also selected as the 2020 Juror’s Purchase Award. All four can be found throughout the City Center.