101 Big Flirt

Stop 101, Big Flirt by Christine Knapp from Colorado

Sponsor(s): Pub 500 & iSpace Environments

Christine Knapp is an award-winning sculptor who is best known for her realistic bronze creations of both animal and human subjects. Knapp’s goal is to spark a fond memory, inspire an idea or enlighten viewers with the subjects she portrays. Her ultimate interest is that special bond that develops between people, animals, and each other.

This bear is showing us an almost human-like pose. Even though bears do have a fierce side, Knapp chose to emphasize their more playful nature. Having experience with the Black Bear, Knapp chose to express a different side of their personality. She says “Living in the Colorado Rockies, we see Black Bear often. They always amuse us with their antics, and never seem to be a nuisance. This sculpture was inspired by their nature, which can be very whimsical.”